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Once upon a time, a few decades before the turn of this century, LTTRMN (Sven De Letter) was born.  

Today, as a real magician, an astronomical astronaut, he is stepping into SPACE. 


Graphic Design

Motion Graphics

Art Direction


Branding Identity


Social Media Management

Event & Exhibition Consultant

Commercial Interior Designer

profielfoto FB_LTTRMN_3.png

LTTRMN guides you through the universe into finding your most desirable dream world.

Professionally LTTRMN designs your future.

He fills your space with the most innovative designs and visions, graphical and/or motional.

Man-made by machine, he will take you on this journey.


LTTRMN will  explore your space. Together with you concepts will be contemplated and established.

His entire soul will search for your real identity.

your permanently home-based (logo, branding,…) or temporarily in outer space out of this world SPACE.

Let his vision fill your space for a very star-studded business/concept.


You can become his next passenger on this very vivid voyage by contacting him.

+ 32 483 058 220

Zomerlaan 9a - 9930 Lievegem
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